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How to Choose a Good General Contractor
Hiring a general contractor is an excellent way to handle construction projects. The GC is responsible for the day-to-day operations and supervision of a construction project. They serve as the liaison between the design team and construction workers. They can help you get the project completed on time and on budget. Below are some tips to choose a good general contractor for your job. Also, remember that the GC has an important role to play in the development process.

During the pre-construction phase, the general contractor will provide a cost estimate. This will be applied to the total costs of the project. When the total cost is under the initial bid amount, the GC will keep the extra money as profit. In contrast, when the project exceeds the budget, the GC must ask for more funds or change the scope of the project. This often happens when the GC is not involved in the pre-construction stage.

The GC will complete a turn-key contract that will include the log package. This contract is between the GC and the provider. The GC will oversee the construction process, ensure that all materials and work are in quality control, and pay the subcontractors on time. The GC will report to the homeowner on an agreed-upon timetable. During the construction phase, a general contractor will typically communicate with the owner several times a day to keep everyone in the loop.

A general contractor will be able to see all of the parties that are directly contracted with him. But the real risk for the GC lies in the third-party parties they cannot see – suppliers, sub-subs, and the people on the project. The GC is responsible for the entire payment chain and must be a vigilant watchdog. If a project runs over budget, he or she may need to ask for more funds or change the scope of the project.

A general contractor will be able to see the first tier of subcontractors and other parties that he contracts with directly. The real risk for a GC comes from the parties that he cannot see – suppliers, sub-subs, and others on the project. The GC must think about every piece of the payment chain from start to finish. A good general contractor will ensure the safety of his employees and the public. There are several types of GCs and construction companies.

Usually, the GC will provide a turn-key contract to the homeowner. The only item the GC does not take care of is the log package. The GC will complete the cost estimate, monitor the construction quality, pay all parties involved, and report to the homeowner according to an agreed-upon timetable. A GC should be available to you at least once a day for communication, so he or she can answer your questions or clarify any problems.

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